Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It's has been 3 years since I last posted on this blog and I feel that may be It's about time to start blogging again although I'm not really good at it but I tried  because it kind of fun to be able to share my hobbies, passion online.  Since then there's a lot of things changed in my business and personal life.  After years of dilly-dallying on whether to move back to Houston or not,  I finally convinced my husband that it is beneficial for kids in terms of education that we move to a bigger city and better school.  Our biggest priority is to give them good education and opportunities to do other things  which is lacking in small town.  

 Spring of last year, we decided that Houston is too big of a city and far from Eagle Pass so we end up moving to San Antonio.  We love San Antonio especially the North side which they call the Hill Country.  I love the variety of Oak Trees lining the streets of our subdivision and the small shopping center called Village at Stone Oak close to our place that becomes our hang out place when we are bored.  Kids enjoy this new environment and the new things they can do here like ice skating , ballet and learning  new string instruments.  After school activities keeps me busy all week including weekend but I enjoy it more than anything.  I enjoy being a mom, see them grow, make mistakes and correct their mistakes.

Got to pick up kids from bus stop, to be continued....

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A pillow for Sidney

Sidney has a security object  she called "scratchy pillow", Grandma made it with combination of  toile  and minky blue fabric, I believed she called it scratchy because of the texture of the fabric.  

My Mom (grandma) actually made this pillow for  John-John ( our little boy)when he was a baby but Sidney took ownership of it.  
Sidney's New Pillow

She's now 8 years old but she wouldn't let go of  "scratchy pillow"  so I decided  to make her a new one.  Here is the finished product.  

Sabrina and Sidney's creations

Sabrina and Sidney likes creating bows and these are some of the pictures.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My new websites

I've been having trouble with my blogger account and not only that I've been busy with kids so I have not updated my blog for years;-) I'm excited to announced that I have 2 new websites: